Which found that several mutations are involved.

Furthermore, the new model identifies three different neurobiological systems that could are likely involved in diathesis to suicidal behaviour. Genetic study into suicidal behaviour from the sociological and psychological causes Aside, scientists have also began to use genetics over the past twenty years to analyse the causes of suicidal behaviour, which has continued to increase, most importantly in industrialised Western countries. The latest data from the WHO show that one million people dedicated suicide in 2000 almost, and it estimates that by 2020 this figure will have risen to 1.5 million.So in effect the treatment procedure is personalized according to a particular case. Some of the most widely used forms of treatment to deal with this problem are in fact radiation, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery, although surgery is prevented. Recent studies and analysis has shown that smoking could also lead to this kind of cancer and not simply the most linked lung malignancy. So no question some research also offers indicated that folks who work in areas that have similar elements connected with cigar smoke can also result in this cancer.