We are grateful to Sen also.

AAHSA commends Senator Reid for including CLASS provisions in health reform bill The American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging commends Senator Reid for his leadership on making certain the Community Living and Supportive Services Plan provisions are contained in the Senate’s wellness reform bill. Long-term services and facilitates are an essential part of health care and the financing of these is in dire need of reform dosage . We are grateful to Sen also. Dodd for carrying the torch for Sen. Kennedy on the Course provisions, Sen. Gregg for bringing bipartisan support along with his significant contributions to the CLASS Strategy, and Sen.

AACAP announces fresh Practice Parameter on issues related to LGBT The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is proud to announce its new Practice Parameter on issues linked to and affecting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and gender variant youth. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and gender variant kids and adolescents face exclusive developmental problems and stressors that can influence their mental health and wellness. Social issues such as stigma, bullying, and discrimination, and personal factors like internalized prejudice and emotions of being different are just a few of the concerns that may affect gender and sexual minority youth. To greatly help combat these complications and inform mental health professionals and those caring for kids and adolescents about current best clinical practices, the brand new Practice Parameter provides practice concepts and also discusses cultural competence, research needs, and ethics.