Tumor Treatment Should Proceed for WOMEN THAT ARE PREGNANT: Study: MONDAY.

The researchers also discovered that preterm birth was more common among children born to moms with cancer, regardless of whether the moms received cancer treatment during pregnancy. In most cases, they were born prematurely because of a medical decision to induce preterm in order to continue tumor treatment after the delivery, Amant said. In some cases preterm delivery was spontaneous in fact it is possible that cancer treatment is important in this. But we do not know what exactly triggers preterm delivery. It could be that chemotherapy induces preterm contractions or vaginal swelling with preterm rupture of the membranes.People with an increased working-memory capacity rating higher on intelligence testing and, for this good reason, it is thought that it might be intimately associated with people’s cognitive capability. A report by IDIBAPS uses computational systems neurobiology versions and practical magnetic resonance imaging scans showing there are two parts of the cerebral cortex with highly differentiated roles implicated in this type of memory.