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It works on our body from the inside out. There are various ways in which it is possible to exercise on the machine like you can simply stand on the vibration plate and make minor adjustments in your body placement, vary the positioning of your feet, increase or reduce the intensity of the vibrations and you may target the precise areas on your own body for toning. The gentle vibrations getting into and throughout the body is an efficient, effective and safe way to stimulate muscles and bone cells, get rid of fat and lose weight, and restore neuromuscular stability. Whenever we talk of whole body vibration devices, it deals with three things: 1.Any kind of vibration is not vibration training, 2.A vibration of light intensity is a therapy, 3.A vibration of high intensity is vibration training.Protocol prespecified time-to-event distributions were presented overall and within each screening HIV-1 RNA stratum. When data in the four organizations were mixed and analyzed as two organizations and with S-Plus software, edition 6 . Results Research Patients From September 2005 to November 2007 A complete of 1858 eligible patients were enrolled in the study. This analysis contains data from the 797 individuals with a screening HIV-1 RNA degree of 100,000 copies per milliliter or even more. Baseline characteristics of the sufferers are summarized in Desk 1Table 1Baseline Characteristics of the Sufferers. Follow-up of Study Individuals Individuals were followed for a period of 0 to 112 weeks, with a median follow-up of 60 weeks .