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Companies, too, will be hurt in the a few months ahead badly, especially following abysmal Christmas shopping time of year I’m publicly predicting. If your paycheck currently depends on a government office or a corporation that sells things to consumers , the future of your paycheck may be in serious jeopardy then. What to Anticipate NextI overestimated the post-bailout euphoria. Monday We thought the marketplace would rally on. The fact that it didn’t shows that I was too optimistic about my predictions.Dianne Feinstein and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison released a Congressional resolution that recognizes the importance of cancer research and declares May ‘National Cancer Research Month.’ Hutchison and Feinstein sent a letter to their Senate colleagues, urging them to cosponsor the resolution ‘in support and celebration of this life-saving work.’ Ten additional senators served as unique cosponsors of the resolution, including Tag Begich , Barbara Boxer , Sherrod Dark brown , Robert Casey , Mike Crapo , Tim Johnson , Tag Kirk , Mary Landrieu , Jerry Moran and Jon Tester .