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Protein Peas certainly are a good way to obtain protein. According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, a half-glass of peas offers as much protein as you tablespoon of peanut butter, without the fat the latter contains also. Minerals Peas contain many essential minerals aswell, including manganese, magnesium, iron, phosphorous and potassium. Eating peas One indicate note is that while green peas are a good source of vitamin supplements C and K and also carotenes, dried peas contain very little of them actually. Furthermore, due to their lower water content material, dried peas include a higher proportion of calorie consumption than fresh green peas. Thus, speaking broadly, fresh peas would offer better nutrition than dried ones. Go for the greenest peas, and avoid darkened pods in addition to those which appear pale or are dotted with mildew specks.An identical pattern was seen in urinary N-terminal telopeptide levels . The result of zoledronic acid on bone-turnover markers was generally similar in males with total testosterone degrees of more than 350 ng per deciliter and those with degrees of 350 ng per deciliter or much less , with the exception of PINP, for which the reduction was considerably less in the subgroup of men with total testosterone levels of 350 ng per deciliter or significantly less than in the subgroup with levels of more than 350 ng per deciliter . Protection No significant differences were observed between your two groups regarding deaths or serious adverse events, apart from any myocardial infarction .