The innovative biotech company located in Vienna.

Another piece of very good news can be that it was possible to demonstrate the induction of cross-protective immunity against various other influenza virus strains. ‘The results of the scientific phase I study are excellent. This vaccine guarantees optimum safety and tolerance. We also expect excellent results regarding safety, systemic and local immune responses in the stage II study,’ says Thomas Muster, founder and CEO of AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology.. AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology commences deltaFLU Phase II study By Starting the Stage II Research for deltaFLU, AVIR Green Hills AG has Accomplished another Milestone in the Advancement of this Novel Influenza Vaccine.A maximum of 0. There is absolutely no charge to participants to earn CME credits through this scheduled program. The Bloodstream journal is on To generate CME credit for chosen Bloodstream articles, doctors should visit Other CME opportunities offered through ASH are available at.

Adult stem cells improve cartilage repair Using adult stem cells is a good way of culturing better-quality cartilage to correct put on knees and hips. New cartilage that has good properties can be grown specifically by cultivating adult stem cells in conjunction with a small quantity of cells from the affected person's own cartilage.