SWEET DRINKS Often Part of Overall Poor Diet: WEDNESDAY.

Previous research has linked high consumption of sweet drinks with development of type 2 diabetes. This new finding suggests a far more complicated scenario. As this research is cross-sectional, we can not draw any conclusions about causality or the exact effect of the diet or beverage, the researchers said. Nevertheless, our results indicate that the associations noticed with sugar-sweetened beverages may be due to previously. Individuals consuming a lot of these beverages also have a diet lower in healthy foods, which in combination give associations with many chronic diseases such as for example type 2 diabetes. The study involved a lot more than 25,000 Swedes between the ages of 45 and 74. They were overweight, but had no symptoms of diabetes, heart cancer or disease.However, no evidence was found by us of effect modification according to sociodemographic characteristics. Consequently, unless there are various other factors distinguishing our research cohort from additional populations of women that are pregnant that have an effect on the biologic relations under study, our results should be generalizable to other populations.28 In making decisions about whether to keep or discontinue treatment with antidepressants during pregnancy, clinicians and women must balance the potential risks of treatment with the risks of not treating severe depression.39 In conclusion, our results suggest that the usage of antidepressants through the first trimester will not substantively increase the risk of specific cardiac defects.