Narrowing of the bronchial tubes bring about increased resistance.

This can cause: wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. The cough may consist of sputum because of the secretions from the inflamed cells that line the bronchi. By coughing, your body tries to expel secretions that clog the bronchial tubes. If these secretions contain certain inflammatory cells, discoloration of the mucus may create a green or yellow color often. The severity of the inflammation may bring about some bleeding Sometimes. As with any other infection, there may be connected fever, chills, aches, soreness and the general feeling of feeling or malaise poorly. Anatomically, the larynx divides the upper and lower airways. Colds tend to affect the mouth, throat, and nasal passages while bronchitis describes particular irritation of the bronchial tubes.650,000 Principal Care of Southwest Georgia Blakely Ga. 650,000 Valley Healthcare Program, Inc. Columbus Ga. 877,555 Ko’olauloa Community Health and fitness Center Kahuku Hawaii 650,000 West Hawaii Community Health Center, Inc. Kailua-Kona Hawaii 650,000 Community Health Center of Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Iowa 650,000 United Community Health Middle Storm Lake Iowa 650,000 Chicago Family Health Center Chicago Ill. 900,000 PCC Community Wellness Center Oak Recreation area Ill. 805,500 Whiteside County Health Section Rock Falls Ill. 650,000 Gary Community Health Center Gary Ind.