Mullin The Adrenals are 2 round glands which sit above the kidneys.

Symptoms of Low Adrenals are: Extreme Tiredness/Exhaustion Irritability Difficulty sleeping or sleep too much Poor circulation Poor digestion Low blood pressure Low blood sugar levels Apathy / Major depression Low self asteem Low stamina Low libido Muscle mass weakness Joint aches & pains Tendency to constipation Low immune response to fight infection Great thirst and / or urination And more The main causes for Adrenal Fatigue can be: Excessive Stress: High degrees of a variety of recurring stressors can have a depleting effect on our adrenal glands. Physical stress from chemical pollutants and toxicity, when coupled with poor nutrition especially, includes a physically depleting influence on the adrenals. As well as mental, spiritual or emotional stress which might come from family, relationships or function related issues.Each child with an autistic spectrum disorder presents a distinctive constellation of features, and, not surprisingly, not one procedure is similarly effective in every autistic children for all top features of the disorder. While there is no cure for autism, research shows children who receive intensive, early intervention make marked improvement; some ultimately overcome autism’s disabling features. The McCarton Base for Developmental Disabilities, the parent business of the McCarton School, is a not-for-profit basis focused on increasing the option of early intervention and educational solutions for children identified as having Autistic Spectrum Disorder .