Led by experts at Johns Hopkins.

In cardiac imaging, a patient is normally injected with a comparison solution to improve the visual details. Besides Lima and Miller, other Hopkins researchers involved in this scholarly study were Armin Zadeh, M.D.; Ilan Gottlieb, M.D.: Edward Shapiro, M.D.: Albert Lardo, Ph.D.; David Bush, M.D.; Christopher Cox, Ph.D.; and Jeffrey Brinker, M.D. Additional investigators included Carolos E. Rochitte, from the University of Sao Paolo in Brazil; Marc Dewey, from Humbolt University in Charite, Germany; Hiroyuki Niinuma, from Iwate Medical University in Japan; Narinder Paul, from the University of Toronto in Canada; Melvin Clouse, from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical center in Boston, Mass.; John Hoe, from Mount Elizabeth Medical center of Singapore; and Albert de Roos, from Leiden University in holland.Today it becomes one of six ESC Associations, whose presidents are invited to ESC Plank meetings. ‘It will be easier to inform the ESC Panel about the activities of the association,’ stated Professor Christiaan Vrints , outgoing chairman of the Operating Group on Acute Cardiac Care. ‘We will also have a bigger impact on the policies and the advancement of the ESC as an organisation.’ The Working Group on Acute Cardiac Care had the biggest and fastest developing membership of ESC functioning groups. Over the past 24 months it grew from below 700 to a lot more than 1 just,100 members.