Launched in 2008.

AAA was banking on the drawing power and, as Pawlina highlights, We were also relying on the fact that anatomy educators worldwide were buying home because of their education research. With this in mind, both Pawlina and Drake have put substantial effort into reaching colleagues outside North America. This global method of anatomy education offers paid off. Of the five top-cited articles in ASE, two are from Europe: Medical Education in the Anatomical Sciences: The Winds of Switch Continue steadily to Blow The Anatomy of Anatomy: AN ASSESSMENT because of its Modernization Evaluation of Computer-Aided Instruction in a Gross Anatomy Course: A Six-year Research Web-Based Interactive 3D Visualization as a Tool for Improved Anatomy Learning Frequency in Usage of FCAT-Approved Anatomical Conditions by North American Anatomists ..This is the purpose of support groups. Support groups consist of people in the same situation. They come to help each other also to help themselves together. Support groups provide reassurance, motivation, and inspiration. They help people see that their circumstance is not unique and not hopeless, and that provides them power. In addition they provide practical tips on coping with ADHD and navigating the medical, educational, and interpersonal systems that folks will depend on for help for themselves or the youngster.