It is very elusive and difficult to diagnose hence.

This is actually the best defense feasible against lung cancer. Kicking the habit might be difficult but would be better than experiencing malignancy of the lung certainly. Another facet of smoking is the effect it is wearing people subjected to the smoke. Secondhand smoke cigarettes or the smoke cigarettes emanating from cigarettes, pipes and cigars is carcinogenic. This smoke may contain more than sixty carcinogens or agents that may trigger the process of cancer development. These carcinogens cause changes in cell advancement and division.Dr. Aaron Caughey, seat of the division of gynecology and obstetrics at Oregon Health & Research University in Portland, said, I don’t think we should be performing cesarean deliveries without a medical indication. But because you ended up requiring a C-section I don’t believe that you should be worried that your child can suffer some long-term consequences. Scant evidence exists to support the basic proven fact that C-sections can be harmful to the health of the newborn, he added. However, Caughey stated that although a C-section might not hurt the infant, it can be difficult for the mother.