In other noncritical fluid handling applications

Accurate measurement of bubble size in fluid delivery tubes using ultrasonic air-in-line sensors from Morgan Morgan Advanced Materials is continuing to meet the unique demands of clients in the medical OEM sector, by adding a new capacity enabling the accurate measurement of bubble size in fluid delivery tubes using its ultrasonic air-in-line sensors. The presence of bubbles of any size in tubes used to convey fluids into the blood supply could be highly damaging .

The lengthy, costly marketing phase has nevertheless resulted in the signature of 10-year contracts After accelerated screening throughout 2013 , major medical imaging businesses are now testing Acerde's anodes in situ. Although the marketing phase has proved to be very long, after the customer is convinced, he signs up for a decade. The first manufacturing facility has been set up for annual creation of just one 1,000 to 1 1,500 anodes. Acerde has signed several cooperation agreements with many key individuals in the sector and currently has numerous pre-creation orders, this provides you with it a position on various marketplaces in the usa, Germany, Italy, France, Japan and China. In time, Acerde hopes to acquire 10 percent of this market. Acerde's customers include some of the major brands in medical imaging, in addition to equipment manufacturers who make their have X-ray tubes..