HIV/AIDS offers shifted from an acute to a chronic condition.

‘Thirty to 60 % of adults living with HIV knowledge cognitive problems at some point in the condition, a condition referred to as 'HIV-connected neurocognitive disorders.’ In a pilot research conducted at UAB, 46 middle-age and old adults with HIV were randomly assigned to 10 hours of computerized speed-of-processing training or even to no cognitive training. Speed-of-processing training is certainly exercising the brain. In the UAB research, it involved subjects using a computer program to perform challenging activities designed to protect, enhance or develop cognitive skills.7.Oranges: Oranges is another herbal constipation treatment which are rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. Consuming 2 oranges daily, once in the early morning and once in the evening can give great relief from constipation. 8.Castor oil: This herbal remedy can be used for years and years for treating constipation. It has anti-inflammatory properties that destroy intestinal worms and provide relief from constipation. 9.Seed mixtures: This mixture supplies the important fiber content to ease constipation and rejuvenate your intestinal wall space. 10.Spinach: Spinach is yet another constipation remedy that has properties that wash out, restore and repair your intestinal tract.