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AVACEN Medical launches $2M marketing campaign in response to positive outcomes of fibromyalgia study AVACEN Medical announced today that it has launched a $2 million campaign on to support further company clinical FDA and trials applications. This is in response to the encouraging outcomes of an AVACEN sponsored pilot and a follow-up fibromyalgia research involving 22 topics and separate anecdotal results relating to other common medical conditions . These results were produced from an AVACEN therapeutic medical gadget and treatment method that noninvasively transfers temperature into the circulatory program.

‘Current portable-monitor technology seems to be most applicable in populations having a high odds of OSA,’ he observed. ‘Ideally, alternative approaches should also be made open to underserved and remote populations that do not have access to gold-standard testing.’ ‘Research that include cost-effectiveness as an outcome will allow decision-makers to develop healthcare plans regarding the clinical software of portable monitor screening for the ambulatory administration of individuals with OSA,’ he said. ‘Pressure for alternative methods to current suggested in-laboratory management of sufferers with OSA will continue steadily to increase given the cost of PSG and the limited amount of laboratory facilities in accordance with patient need,’ Dr. Kuna continuing. ‘Clinical demand for more rapid access to testing will also likely boost as more studies hyperlink treatment of OSA to improved cardiovascular outcomes for individuals.’ The necessity for ambulatory assessment and management options will also likely boost as the field of sleep medicine evolves and expands, Dr.