Chengliang Chai.

As of December 1, 2013, a total of 139 laboratory-confirmed instances of H7N9 virus illness and 1 suspected case had been identified; situations were recognized in the next 10 provinces and 2 municipalities: Zhejiang , Shanghai , Jiangsu , Jiangxi , Fujian , Anhui , Henan , Hunan , Beijing , Shandong , Guangdong , and Hebei . The median age of patients with confirmed H7N9 virus infection was 61 years ; 58 cases occurred in people 65 years or older, and 4 were in children younger than 5 years, all of whom had clinically moderate upper respiratory disease .‘Results of the two new studies could be beneficial to patients with liver tumors that can’t be surgically removed,’ said Daniel Sze, M.D., Ph.D., FSIR, professor of interventional radiology at Stanford University INFIRMARY, Stanford, Calif. ‘These studies address methods to modify the arteries of the liver to be able to maximize delivery of tumor-killing materials to the targets and to make treatment simpler and safer,’ he added. ‘Blood circulation to tumors can be complex and may present difficulties for interventional radiologists,’ stated Riad Salem, M.D., MBA, FSIR, who wrote an accompanying commentary in JVIR.