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For women, the near opposite craze occurred: Women aged 20-29 were nearly 29 pounds heavier normally in 2002 compared to 1960. Meanwhile, the statement documented that average weights for children are increasing aswell: The average weight for a 10 year-old-boy in 1963 was 74.2 pounds; by 2002 the common weight was nearly 85 pounds. The common weight for a 10-year-old girl in 1963 was 77.4 pounds; by 2002 the common weight was nearly 88 pounds. A 15-year-previous boy weighed 135.5 pounds normally in 1966; by 2002 the average pounds of a boy that age risen to 150.3 pounds.I am thankful to my dad in heaven who produced this world. Hence nature, plants, pets, clouds, oceans, etc. The biggest thank you goes to him. If it were not for him none of the would ever be feasible. He gave minds to use and good visitors to help guideline us in the right direction. MANY THANKS for hearing Mike! I thankful that I feel better than I did over twenty years ago, thanks to info from Natural Information! I’m thankful that naturalnews.com exists and is pumping the people who have the truth. As a documentary film maker who’s ambition is the same I love seeing the awareness of the masses increase in their awareness of holistic approaches.