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Starting May 1. Heinz spokesman Michael Mullen stated the move is part of the company’s ongoing dedication to sodium reduction. Heinz has already cut sodium in Bagel Bites frozen pizza snacks by more than 20 %, for instance. Most health businesses recommend a range of 1 1,500 to 2,400 milligrams of salt a day for healthy adults. Consuming too much salt can result in health issues including high blood circulation pressure, stroke and cardiovascular disease. If we reduced our sodium intake to recommended levels, we would prevent 44,000 to 92,000 deaths each year in the usa and save $10 billion to $24 billion in health care costs each year, New York City Health Commissioner Dr.In conclusion, we found that consolidation therapy with high-dose melphalan, in comparison with MPR, improved progression-free and overall survival, although at a cost of improved toxicity. Our findings confirm that high-dose melphalan remains the more effective therapeutic option in individuals with recently diagnosed multiple myeloma. We discovered that maintenance therapy with lenalidomide also, as compared with no maintenance therapy, significantly decreased the risk of disease progression.. AdvanSource Biomaterials enters multi-year agreement to provide hydrophilic polymer resins AdvanSource Biomaterials Corporation , a respected developer of advanced polymer materials for a broad selection of medical devices, today announced that the business has entered into a multi-year source agreement with a leading multi-national medical device firm.