Bob Marley died of malignant melanoma in his correct foot.

Asian-Americans and African-Americans need to check their feet for signs of pores and skin cancer Many people don’t know that the Jamaican musician, Bob Marley died of malignant melanoma in his correct foot. Asian-Us citizens and African-Americans usually do not look for signs of epidermis cancer, as many feel they aren’t susceptible to the disease because of the darker skin. This misconception implies that most instances aren’t diagnosed until very much later when the disease has progressed and be difficult to treat, that leads to raised fatalities among minorities.2. Take advantage of the biological battle – In nature, agriculture can take advantage of organisms that are natural predators of parasites and are allies to plants. Insects like chrysopes and ladybugs prey on aphids, while frogs and birds eat insects, worms and snails. Welcoming these animals in your garden donate to a wholesome ecosystem that make sure your vegetables are safe from toxins. 3. Preserve hedges and thickets, replant along the borders to provide shelter and food to animals and bugs useful to cultivation – To take advantage of the biological battle, provide the required environment for pets and insects that prey on pests can take shelter and feed.