Announced that its wholly-owned CLIA-certified clinical tests subsidiary.

As part of its new microbiology department, HartLab has employed Mariana Badescu, MD, PhD, as Complex Supervisor and Mihai Badescu, BS, MA, M, as Business lead Microbiology Technologist. Dr. Badescu, a qualified Specialist in public areas and Microbiology Health, involves HartLab with over twenty years of microbiology laboratory encounter and infection control. Offering our customers a comprehensive array of clinical testing solutions under one roof is a long-term goal for us, stated Lisa Jo Abbo, Vice President of HartLab. We are glad we are able to add further worth to the relationships we’ve developed with our physician customers and believe these additional services can make HartLab even more competitive when it comes to attracting new customers.Walk with a good friend or loved one, quietly, and just benefit from the company without words. There’s a bonding occurring that brings value to one’s health. Second, drink quality water. Filtered can be good, springtime water or well water is even better. Our bodies are at least 70 percent drinking water, our brain being more, so increasing our water intake to the correct amount shall cleanse our cells and hydrate the cells. Now, one might ask, what’s the correct amount? It’s a straightforward method of taking the weight of the body in pounds and dividing by two that gives the amount of ounces needed.