Aflac announces $1.

Starr, PhD – Univ. Of Minnesota Masonic Cancers Ctr.Li Tao, MD – Univ. Of Minnesota Masonic Cancers Ctr.Jose T. Thaiparambil, PhD – Winship Cancers Institute of Emory UniversityChery Whipple, PhD – Dartmouth Norris Cotton Malignancy Ctr.Kenichi Yoshida, MD – Cancer Genomics Project, The University of Tokyo.. Aflac announces $1.06 million scholarship awards for cancer research Aflac, the company that helps employers enhance benefits offerings to employees, today announced it will donate a total of $1,060,000 to the American Association for Cancer Research to greatly help defray the costs facing cancer experts.Eighteen people passed away, including 15 infants younger than 1. CDC advises all women that are pregnant to obtain whooping cough vaccineWhooping cough vaccine found to wane in effectiveness after age group 6Whooping cough outbreak: How exactly to keep kids safeOfficials aren’t sure why there weren’t more deaths, but believe the interest paid to poor outbreaks over the nation led to infected children getting diagnosed faster and treated with antibiotics. Also, a push this past year to vaccinate women that are pregnant – – a measure designed to move immunity to infants – – may experienced some small measure of success, Clark said. In October 2012 that pregnant women should receive a Tdap vaccine The CDC recommended, which provides protection whooping cough, tetanus and diphtheria.