Advertising myths and slogan opposites Lets face it.

Yes, melancholy hurts, however, not after your lifeless, and according to the FDA, safe prescription medications kill over 100,000 People in america a full year. ( If you have seen and heard the latest tsunami of ads on TV, work by Big Pharma’s Eli Lilly for their drug Cymbalta, you get the funny feeling non-e of these prescription meds that are pushed on the masses even just work at all. Who do they believe they’re kidding, with the subliminal interchanges of good news with horrific unwanted effects? Are they really advertising a drug for anxiety and major depression which has unwanted effects listed as increased anxiety and depression? Believe that if the FDA approves something Still, it should be okay? Remember, if you’re depressed or suffering from chronic head aches or muscle pain, first things first, stop eating and drinking chemical substances posing as food.Early warning signs of raised levels can alert the user to seek medical tips to avert an severe cardiovascular incident. Tracking Crucial Biomarkers: As indicators of a normal or diseased process or other physiological condition in your body, levels which might fluctuate over time and may worsen, Regular biomarkers that can now be tracked at home include: blood sugar, HbA1c, cholesterol, C-reactive proteins and International Normalized Ratio .