Advanced Instruments launches Advanced Automated Osmometer Advanced Instruments.

The instrument fully automates sample processing to attain dramatic gains in laboratory efficiency and productivity. The instrument’s flexible software program brings exciting new features and benefits to medical laboratories: Intuitive touchscreen user interface provides easy-to-use efficiency and operation Integrated quality control features consist of automated system calibration, statistical monitoring and reporting, method control limits for controls and affected individual samples, and built-in program linearity checks Selectable program operation and access levels provides operator login and password security Positive sample identification eliminates transcription errors Sample testing protocols could be customized specifically for each laboratory’s exclusive test requirements Advanced Instruments offers leveraged its 50 years of freezing-point technology experience to revolutionize osmolality screening, stated Peterson.The children’s dad and one of their sisters are also in hospital with symptoms of bird flu, but testing on blood and swab samples from them have not been completed at the WHO-sanctioned lab in Hong Kong, said Health Ministry established Hariadi Wibisono. The 4-year-aged boy and his 13-year-old sister died last week, on Saturday but confirmation only returned from the Hong Kong laboratory, said Wibisono. Like the majority of of Indonesia’s other instances, the victims lived on Java, a densely populated island house to over fifty % of the country’s 220 million people.