ADHD Price Explodes in Kids: Why?

Chodick advises that sufferers on oral acne medication ask their doctors how to minimize eye damage. One simple step is to use artificial tears, or attention drops, to keep carefully the eyes lubricated. Local pharmacies can provide several inexpensive over-the-counter choices, he says.. ADHD Price Explodes in Kids: Why? ATLANTA The amount of children diagnosed with ADHD is continuing to grow by more than 20 % since 2003 and today nearly 1 in 10 children have the disorder.91 charged with $430 million Medicare billing fraud The nationwide sweep involved arrests of doctors, nurses and other licensed doctors. LA Times: Feds Charge 91 Healthcare Suppliers With Billing Fraud A federal healthcare strike pressure has billed 91 doctors, nurses and additional licensed doctors in a nationwide sweep in connection with fraudulently billing the federal government nearly $430 million. Those billed included an organization in LA that ferried sufferers for ambulance rides that were never medically required .