ACHA reports that 2 million adults living with CHD in the U nearly.

Because of technological advancements in the past 30 to 40 years, Dr. Elizabeth Adams of Penn State Hershey Children'today includes a 90 % potential for living to adulthood s Center Group can predict a child born, with severe CHD even. Most children with CHD are actually living to adulthood and historically which has not been the case, she says. The ACHA today reports there are an estimated 2 million adults coping with CHD in the United States, meaning that, for the very first time ever, there are more adults than children with CHD. Impacting about 1 % of the populace, CHD is definitely a genetic condition and is present from birth. Most of what we're discussing are structural problems with the way the center is formed – hearts that are missing chambers, hearts which have narrow or leaky valves, or structures that are not in the proper place, Adams says.Once described, AOIs can be looked at with dynamic temperature maps, gaze trails and fixation plots. After the scholarly research has been completed, the results are immediately aggregated and the data collected producing beneficial tables, and graphs. Over the years ASL’s vision tracking solutions have stood out from the competition because of their usability. Right now with ASL Results the research process further has been streamlined, making it the perfect software solution to collect the data had a need to attain robust meaningful study results.