According to a report published on bmj.

Experienced the incident been portrayed as associated with terrorism, public concern may have been greater. Care should be taken in future incidents to ensure that detailed, comprehensible and relevant information about the risks of publicity is manufactured available to those that require it, they conclude. This look at is supported within an accompanying editorial that demands improved crisis and crisis risk conversation to be in the centre of future planning and training. The research also continues to show that the general public is more resilient when confronted with new threats than is sometimes anticipated..Frank Hu, a professor of epidemiology and diet at Harvard School of Public Health, in Boston. ‘It isn’t an enormous effect, about an 18 % reduction [in risk].’ ‘Yogurt isn’t magic for treating or preventing diabetes,’ Hu said. ‘That is the bottom line and the message you want to convey to our consumers, that we have to pay attention to our diet pattern. There is no replacement for an overall healthy diet and preserving [a healthy] body weight.’ The scholarly study is published on the web Nov. 24 in the journal BMC Medicine.