Amanda Brayman’s the name – illustration, graphic design, and social media are my game.

I graduated from the University of Connecticut, with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration as well as an unconditional love of storytelling. I feel any great tale can be conveyed just as powerfully with simple design as it can through intricate illustration. Over the course of my career, social media has played a major part in learning how to manage time and garner attention through visuals and stimulating copy. I believe social media, design, and illustration are human, and deserve human narratives. I am eager to jump into the art world, discover my narrative, and help others weave theirs. In my spare time I am a website tinkerer, jewelry maker, and rabid Netflix watcher. I indulge in creating stories through photographs and drawings. I also nerd out to Jessica Jones, Star Wars, fennec foxes, dinosaurs, and outer space. Oh, and I’m a huge fan of books on tape right now (you can blame my boyfriend.)