AARDA scholarly study reveals mothers antibodies may cause autism in babies A fresh.

Ladd, President of American Autoimmune Related Illnesses Association, Inc. . Regarding to AARDA, in healthy people, when a foreign invader, like a bacteria or virus, enters the body, the immune system produces antibodies to attack those foreign substances. In people with autoimmunity, the immune system mistakenly recognizes the body's personal healthy organs and tissues as international invaders and produces antibodies to attack them. These auto-antibodies – or antibodies created against the self – – then trigger disease. The condition that results is dependent upon which cells and/or organs the antibodies are attacking. Some 50 million Americans live and cope with autoimmune disease , 75 % of whom are females. AD is among the top 10 leading causes of death of women beneath the age of 65.Nicotine and opiates are very different drugs, but the endpoint, with respect to the control of dopamine signaling, is almost identical. This research is vital that you scientists because it demonstrates in the way the two drugs work overlap, complementing previous research that showed overlapping results on physiology of the ventral tegmenal region, another key section of the brain’s reward circuitry. It also demonstrates the seriousness of tobacco addiction, equating its grip on the given individual to that of heroin.