A Real Reason to Boycott Whole Foods?

A Real Reason to Boycott Whole Foods? Whole Foods is definitely in a public relations crisis levitra reviews . Following its CEO John Mackey posted a widely-browse opinion piece that insisted People in america have no intrinsic right to healthcare, it had been slammed with angry liberal clients who picketed stores and organized a nationwide Whole Foods boycott at a Facebook page now numbering over 26,000 members , loads of prepared pastries, fried snack chips and all sorts of other products I wouldn’t dare let contact my lips. Let’s face it: In the event that you walk around Whole Foods and read the substances, you’ll be more than a little shocked to find out how much unhealthy stuff the store actually offers.

It would be important for long-term health for folks to start out looking at how much added sugars they’re getting and getting methods to reduce that,’ said Dr Miriam Vos, among the authors of the scholarly research. August that Americans have to scale back dramatically on glucose consumption The American Heart Association committee warned last, recommending that women eat only 100 calories per day of added processed glucose a full day, or six teaspoons , while males should maintain it to just 150 calorie consumption of added processed glucose per said or nine teaspoons .