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It has caused disease in non-human primates however, not in humans.3 The fifth species, Tai Forest ebolavirus, was documented in one human infection caused by contact with an infected chimpanzee from the Tai Forest in Ivory Coast.4 Although this event indicated the current presence of Tai Forest ebolavirus in West Africa, this subregion had not been considered to be an area in which EBOV was endemic. Several deaths were reported in Macenta, including deaths among hospital staff members. A group sent by the health ministry reached the outbreak region on March 14 .And Salmonella spp. Assays as AOAC-RI authorized.coli can be an important advancement for all food manufacturers since E.coli O157:H7 is a major health problem and is estimated to trigger infection in more than 70,000 patients a year in the usa alone. The use of an E.coli O157:H7 screening device that is both rapid and accurate will permit earlier launch of products without concern with potential outbreaks or possible food recalls.