454 Existence Sciences enters co-promotional agreement with Fluidigm 454 Existence Sciences.

454 Sequencing Systems enable rapid and comprehensive evaluation of large numbers of samples, but have shifted the bottleneck to amplicon sample preparation, a process which can consider weeks using traditional methods. ‘We think that the Gain access to Array System and the GS Junior Program are extremely complementary, allowing analysis of large numbers of sample/amplicon combinations in an affordable workflow, without the need for challenging liquid handling,’ described Christopher McLeod, CEO and President of 454 Existence Sciences. ‘In essence, a single Access Array plate on a single GS Junior System work generates as very much data as hundreds, actually hundreds, of 96-well plates analyzed on a capillary sequencing program.’ ‘The mix of the GS Junior System with our Access Array Program delivers a potent solution to life science researchers,’ said Gajus Worthington, President and CEO of Fluidigm Corporation.In the immunogenicity and reactogenicity subgroup, additional objectives were to describe vaccine immunogenicity and reactogenicity, including solicited systemic and injection-site reactions and unsolicited adverse reactions after each dose. All analyses had been prespecified. Statistical Analysis We estimated that enrollment of 20,875 kids, with a 2:1 ratio of assignments to the vaccine group and the placebo group, would bring about the identification of 57 cases of VCD and offer a power of 90 percent or more to show vaccine efficacy greater than 25 percent, assuming a true vaccine efficacy of 70 percent after three shots, a one-sided alpha level of 2.5 percent, and a lesser boundary of the 95 percent confidence interval greater than 25 percent.