000 child deaths ever year due to indoor and outdoor air pollution.

‘Although the report carries some ominous warnings, in addition, it opens the door to a wholesome future for Europe’s kids,’ says Dr Marc Danzon, WHO Regional Director for European countries. ‘To be able to understand which interventions and strategies to use, governments must initial be able to assess and evaluate the magnitude of risks accurately. This unique survey presents data in a comparative and internally consistent way, thus offering a framework for policy-makers to prioritize activities and guard our children’s health from environmental hazards.’ The findings of environmentally friendly Burden of Disease study supply the core knowledge-bottom for an action intend to end up being tabled for adoption by Europe’s ministers of health insurance and environment gathering in Budapest on 23-25 June 2004, at the Fourth Ministerial Meeting on Environment and Health structured by the WHO Regional Office for Europe.2366) to handle oral medication parity on a uniform nationwide level is still pending in Congress. The IMF is also centered on other problems including legislation to ensure that routine caution costs are reimbursed for patients who are in scientific trials. The legislation was successfully included in the health reform bill passed and signed in Washington. The IMF can be calling for increased funding for myeloma study through both Division of Defense study grants and the 21st Century Cancers ALERT Act, still pending in Congress.